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Seed services

Steinbeck and Sons got into the seed business in 1998. We carry Golden Harvest corn and soybeans, Enogen traits, as well as any of the Bayer traits available in a variety of brands.

We are very confident in our hybrid placement and recommendations because of the plot research data available to us. Any hybrid or variety of seed that we recommend to our customers, we use ourselves.



Corn seed services

Steinbeck and Sons is fully committed to the seed business. We sell Golden Harvest seed. This seed package gives us access to any trait that is commercially available in the US, with the genetic power of all Syngenta. We also have a trait of corn called Enogen for our Ethanol customers. It is the first genetically modified output trait in corn specifically for the ethanol industry.

Corn Yield Consistency Plan
With the numerous combinations of hybrids and traits, we can create a plan to avoid any problem whether it is weed resistance, corn rootworm resistance or some other pest. This approach will ensure that you will get consistent yield results. Contact Dave and set up a time to develop your corn yield consistency plan. 


We constantly assess the health of each hybrid.


The quality of your yield is a primary focus.


Our traits and varieties ensure the highest yields.


Soybean seed services

We carry some of the latest soybean varieties and newest traits available on the market today. The Syngenta line up of soybeans has proven to be high yielding and very consistent. At this time Roundup Ready 2 is the main trait in soybeans. The Syngenta line up of soybeans is looking to have the RoundUp Ready 2 Extend trait in the near future. This trait will have resistance to dicamba, which will give many choices in weed control.

Whichever trait system you are wanting to use we will have available, as well as the experience to help you use and place the varieties correctly. At Steinbeck and Sons we treat all the soybeans as we load them in the tender.

Seed Treatment
Our seed treatment choices at this time are CruiserMaxx Beans advanced with Vibrance, which is the standard in the soybean treatment. We also have Saltro soybean treatment, which is CruiserMaxx Advanced with Vibrance treatment. In addition to these products we can also add an inoculant such as Optimize for those acres that haven't had soybeans on them in the last 3 years. This can easily be arranged when you pick up your seed.

At Steinbecks our focus is to make your seed purchasing and pick up convenient and quick. In addition to seed treatment we can deliver your soybean seed to your tender while you are still planting.


Additional services

In addition to corn seed and soybean seed, we have a full line up of clover, alfalfa, brome grass, orchard grass, waterway mixes, lawn seed as well as sweet corn. We are also involved in seeding many acres of a variety of cover crops. Whether drilling or wanting an airplane to do the seeding in standing crop, we can help.


The forage crop seeds we use are the highest quality.

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