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Fertilizer services

Fertilizer is what got us started in business and is one of our most specialized services. Since 1964, Steinbeck & Sons has been selling and custom applying anhydrous ammonia. Not long after, dry fertilizer was added to the products we offer.

Because of our experience, you can feel confident in knowing that the unique fertilizers we offer are blended to meet the needs of your specific field or grid sampled and are fertilized at a variable rate to meet the specific need of each individual grid.



Dry fertilizer services

We offer all types of dry fertilizer, from the normal MAP and potash products, to the value added products with micronutrients hot blended in each pellet, along with treatments that make the nutrients more available. Chris Steinbeck handles grid sampling along with variable rate application of all dry fertilizer products.

Pelletized lime is a product that we carry for some specific PH adjustment needs. We can always add sulfur, zinc, and boron to the mix to meet some specific needs of our customers. We have 6 ton carts for pasture spreading along with customers doing there own spreading on their own crop ground.

Contact Chris or Tim for information on soil samples and fertilizer rates.


Our in-house blends have the highest grades.


Our blends are made to reduce segregation during application.


Liquid fertilizer services

We carry a full line of liquid fertilizer products. 28% liquid nitrogen, 10-34-0 starters and some specialty starter micro nutrients are a few of the liquid products we handle. We offer delivery of any of the starters or 28% to the farm, or we can load them up at our fertilizer plant.

We can mix any of the popular crop protection products with our liquid fertilizers and custom apply them. We have a liquid fertilizer side dress unit that is becoming more popular as producers try to bump their yields that last step.


Anhydrous services

Anhydrous ammonia is one of our main products at Steinbeck & Sons. We have 300 tons of storage to help with a stable supply in the very busiest season. Our toolbars have electronic rate controllers with digital readouts for a real time display of the rate that is being applied. We have a wide range of application toolbars from 22 to 50 feet wide, all of which are set up with coulters and covers to aid in erosion control and NRCS Compliance.

We can arrange custom application or if you are applying your own, we can deliver the tanks you need so you can keep working. We have 3 different nurse tank sizes, 1000 gal, 1500 gal, and twin 1000 gal tanks.


We offer a variety of purities and concentrations.


Tim handles the crop protection chemicals in Spring.


Crop protection services

The 30 years of experience that Tim brings is a valuable asset for our crop protection customers. Especially at a time when we are all realizing the days of blowing on a high rate of Glyphosate is not the most responsible method of protecting a crop from weeds. Tim knows the ins and out of tank mixes and using chemicals with different modes of action to help eliminate the possibility of resistant weeds that cannot be controlled no matter what rate is applied.

We primarily use Syngenta and Dow Chemistry but have chemistry from all companies available to us. Whether you want to have a plan long before spring or just want to change plans on the fly as its happening Tim can help you with all your corn and soybean crop protection needs.

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